Mimi Delin



The daughter of an investor and a fashion designer, Mimi first formed her aesthetic sense for interiors growing up in an Edwin Lutyens-inspired English Arts & Crafts home on the water in suburban New York.  The importance of family, along with a large dose of dreaming and risk taking, was the culture of the house where Mimi was raised. With three children, her depression-era parents saw no reason to hire people to update the house - instead, it became the family project. "Sometimes I'd wake up on a Saturday and the kitchen would be in the front hallway. A new plan had been hatched before I'd even gotten out of bed." Mimi says of growing up amid the renovations. "I was always disappointed that I had missed out on the discussion that lead up to it, but ready to join in." It's this perspective - a strong appreciation for the aesthetic, coupled with an understanding of how to problem solve and make things happen - that informs her approach to the designing of homes. Mimi attended the American School In Switzerland, and since then has lived in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and multiple US cities.  She studied art history and interior design at Boston University, Harrington Institute and the New York School of Interior Design. As well as running her own business, she has designed for high-end residential architecture and design firms Jones, Footer, Margeotes (Byrne) and Partners in Greenwich, CT, and Soucie Horner LTD in Chicago.  Her past projects include everything from urban apartments to country retreats in Connecticut, New York, Chicago, Michigan, and San Francisco. "My goal with every project," Mimi says, "is to create an environment that is personal to the client, both in the way that it functions and in the way that it makes them feel."